Planning Board members for the Town of Nags Head met via Zoom on June 16 to review a revised preliminary plat for the 17-building subdivision known as Coastal Villas.

The intended subdivision is set to be located on the west side of US 158, approximately 300-ft. south of the intersection of W. Soundside Road and US 158. Coastal Villas is considered a major subdivision, spanning roughly 11 acres, and is owned Nags Head Construction.

The Planning Board had reviewed the plat in April and motioned to approve, but had some concerns regarding safety. This was due to the possibility of two additional curb cuts on US 158.

Board member Gary Ferguson had also questioned what had led to the creation of the property subject to the preliminary plat. Staff determined that the parcel was not properly subdivided in 2004 and there is no record of the final plat.

Due to this, Nags Head Construction revised the plat to include an additional 1.03 acres and reestablish the lot as part of the proposed subdivision.

coastal villas

Draft of preliminary plat for Coastal Villas subdivision. Courtesy Town of Nags Head Planning Department

In addition, planning director Michael Zehner noted that there would be only one access from US 158, connecting Coastal Villas to the highway. After having received verbal confirmation from the North Carolina Department of Transportation that a single