In recent years, to meet the needs of the real estate market, new types of real estate such as accommodation/tourism apartments, offices combined with accommodation, resort/tourism villas, and shophouses have arisen. Along with the management of construction investment in accordance with the current law, new legal regulations are also being completed ministries to adjust the specific factors of these new real estate types, specifically:

  • The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision No.3720/QD-BVHTTDL dated October 28, 2019, promulgating the Regulation on management and business of tourist apartments and tourist villas.
  • The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has issued document No.703/BTNMTTCQLĐĐ dated February 14, 2020, guiding the land use regime and certification of non-housing ownership.
  • The Ministry of Construction has issued document No.276/BXD-QLN dated January 20, 2020, to the People’s Committees of centrally-affiliated cities and provinces on the management of investment, construction, and trading of tourist apartments and villas travel; proposing the implementation of investment and construction management, issuance of a certificate of land use rights, ownership of houses and land-attached assets in accordance with current law, ensuring compliance with the plan, which the state agencies have approved and cautiously consider the conversion of functions and purposes of commercial and service works into housing. In addition, the Ministry of Construction has also issued national technical regulations for each of these types of real estate. Furthermore, the Ministry of Construction has also drafted for the Ministry of Science and Technology to announce national standards to propose general design requirements for